Saturday, 19 December 2009

direct action (an interlude)

Copenhagen? Pffft.
A monument to profligate overconsumption.
A victory by sectional interests and an outdated economic model.

Tony Abbott and Direct Action©? Pffft.
(And stop stealing our labels, you vacuous sneak.)

Here's some honest, real-world Direct Action: an exciting example of how gardeners can help shape the future.

The community-wide effort began about 18 months ago when Ms. Clear, an energetic woman who works for the town government, sneakily started planting seeds in her spare time with a few friends. Any nook, cranny, and postage-stamp-size bit of land was up for grabs.

The campaign blossomed with the plants, and now the movement operates under the name Incredible Edible Todmorden and receives funding and support from the local council and businesses.

"It makes people interact with their town," said Estelle Brown. a local Web designer, as she snapped a pea from a vine growing next to the town's canal and ate it.

Prompted by my friend K, over the past few weeks I've been (reading and) thinking quite a bit about transition townships:* mostly what's realistically achievable right now (as opposed to exploring, adopting and implementing a documented future vision via differing levels of community engagement, structured or otherwise).
* – the pioneers – worth a look.

While the pollies and their lobbyist mates continue to play their agenda games I plan to spend a bit more time around my town planting out some stuff!!

a.k.a. The Phantom Cosmic Chiver
(With deference to Johnny Appleseed.)

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