Friday, 30 May 2008

camden, new south wales

Just a quick note to congratulate the good citizens of Camden, west of Sydney, for their passionate interest in planning issues.
A few days ago 200 of them attended their local council meeting to hear confirmation that a planning permit for a new muslim school is the district would not be issued.

All I can say is, GOOD ON THEM! And GOOD ON COUNCIL!

Appropriate usage of land, even in rural areas where there's plenty of room for everyone, is crucial.
Amenity is important to all of us; I think we can all agree on that.

Gosh, there's road traffic to worry about. There's sewage. There's garbage collections. Miscellaneous infrastructure.
There's the incalculable environmental impact of thousands of border crossings every schoolday of the year.
AND, next thing you know, they'll be moving in on us.

And the children. Our children. Oh my, who cares about The Children?

So, to all Camden's quiet achievers out there, GOOD_ON_YOU!
No doubt you and the other 199 attend every council meeting where planning issues are concerned.
No doubt you continually have done so in the past … and continually will do so well into the future.
Even past the day when the muslim 'language!' and 'culture!' have usurped your Proud White Trash ghetto mentality, I'm sure you'll keep showing up at council in your akubras, ug boots and union jacks, upholding a noble tradition of 'looking after the neighbourhood' and - ca va sans dire - keeping planning issues first and foremost while staving off racist agendas at every step.

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