Wednesday, 28 May 2008

9-11: the real conspiracy

Don't you love how the vast majority sees the 9-11 attacks in isolation - either as a pack of Al Qaeda terrorists opportunistically slaughtering 3000 western citizens or a neo-con plot within the US government to galvanize and unite 'christendom/ziondom' against Islam - rather than a mutually advantageous joint effort?

Back in 2001 I was dozing in front of late-nite TV when my partner shook me awake to the news that the first plane had hit the World Trade Centre.
Without going into the detail, I sat glued to the screen for the next 15 hours, flicking between channels and trying to separate fact from fiction.
Viewing these source documents it quickly occurred to me that such an attack presented an ideal opportunity for both sides - the fascist elements of the US government and bin Laden's fascist elite - to gain strategic territory in their shared agenda of an extended war of attrition.

Wake up!
There's really nothing new here: by its own admission, the US has a strong, cherished tradition of funding, equipping and facilitating selected terrorist organisations for decades.
Why should 9-11 be any different?
It's established that both sides are more than willing to sacrifice many lives to satisfy a 'big picture' agenda.

I've seen and read nothing over the past six years and eight months to change my original conclusion.
This scum feeds on death, hatred, ignorance and division.

Of all ideologies, only fascism, capitalism and terrorism inherently and systematically undervalue human life.

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