Sunday, 7 November 2010

fuck it

I was drafting a good post this morning; my first for a while.
Got around two-thirds through it (say 300 words done) … then lost all power at 9.40am.
Not uncommon in this part of the world, despite regular scheduled outages for 'maintenance'.
And I didn't worry too much, as blogspot annoyingly autosaves every few seconds.

Fine, you bastards!
Got me off my arse and out of the house, attacking a few gardening chores …

Anyhoo, with rain looming, I rebooted 15 minutes ago and now have real problems with the blog.
Safari repeatedly quits every time I try to edit anything.
I can no longer access my new post, nor (it appears) edit any others.
A proper cold reboot hasn't helped either.

Fingers crossed this one is OK. Let's see …

First test. The above loaded OK. Let's try access via the 'Edit Posts' page …
Second test. Hmmm. It appears the link to 'Edit' now only affects this morning's work: probably a corrupted file that hits Safari right in the digital solar plexus.
The Good News is that I was able to capture the text via a preview option, so I can get back onto it later. :)

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