Saturday, 2 January 2010

let's get on with it: beyond the cargo cult

Cargo cult is the name given to a large number of intense and short-lived religious movements in the South Pacific islands. They are called cargo cults because they all speak of the arrival of large shipments of Western goods. In Pidgin English, a language that consists mainly of words from English and the island languages, the word kago refers to goods found in shops, as well as telephones, cars, jeeps, and airplanes. A cargo cult begins when a leader takes on the role of a prophet. The prophet preaches that a time will come when all the evil will be gone and ancestors or gods will return, bringing cargo with them in ships or airplanes to improve the well-being of all the living. Followers may build docks or runways to receive the cargo.
[World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia, V 9.0. Emphases are mine.]

The broad theme of my recent posts is action.
Personal action. Collective action. Direct action. Ownership-in-action.
I'm not telling anyone what to do. I've made my own choices. You can suit yourself.

The challenges facing us are real. They're complex. They're inter-connected.
We made them. We can rescue ourselves.
Prayer days won't fix them.
Meditation won't fix them.
Tokenism won't fix them.
Spamming people with navel-gazing gossip about 'Blue Moons' and 'Portents from the Mayan Calendar' and 'Celestial Alignments' definitely won't fix anything. lolz ;)

Gettin off our arses and making a difference? Now, there's an idea!

I've had enough of people who say, 'Someone should …' or 'They should …' or 'I should …'.
Worst of all: 'You should …'!
Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda.
Waiting for 'salvation'.
What is this atavistic defect in our character that compels us to seek validation … to seek blessings … authority to act … leaders?
Why can't each of us be a leader?
Proactively becoming informed?
Making our own decisions?
Acting with courage and confidence – and, yes, compassion and wisdom?

This is not the time for a spiel on social justice or 'jed's handy hints on saving the planet'.
This blog contains plenty of those.
The message is far simpler.
Don't wait for Big Brother to fix anything.
Don't wait for ponderous political 'solutions': the planet will end up a basket case.
Don't wait for funding.
Don't wait for a bloody permit.
Don't wait for peer approval.
Most of all, don't wait for someone else 'to improve the well-being of all the living.'

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