Monday, 7 January 2008

peripheral vision

(WARNING: this post has no scientific merit)
I want to talk about a phenomenon that, to my knowledge, has never been documented elsewhere.
There is a direct correlation between the quality of an individual's peripheral vision and the quality of their relationships with other human beings.
Of course, anyone can produce exceptions - medical conditions and so forth - but I'm talking about a general principle.
To state it another way: rude, self-centred people are less visually aware of those around them.
You can easily test this theory the next time you go to a supermarket or a party or drive on city streets.
So there's a degree of correlation between an individual's physical attributes and their psychological makeup.
It's all about a quality called perception.
Loud-mouthed barge-arses don't have it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jed .I will have another go! I read your blog again tonight and whilst I agree with you on most points I really feel you must lighten up!
You would be a great debater Jed but look a little deeper and you will find most people have an opion on issues but dont know how to get it out there. This may be the way for some!. keep up the good work get people out of their comfort zone and make them think, you may not like the content but at least you have moved someone into active thinking and debate. Good luck Sue

call me Jed (that's my name, not Mr Plow) said...

Thanks for your quality observations, Sue.
As for 'lightening up' … well, I can only call it as I see it but maybe it's time to 'celebrate [some of] the positives' (to quote myself)!
I truly love this planet and its people and, despite all the crap, remain quietly optimistic.